tel: 01623 862577


I offer a reliable, professional service and aim to give you exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less. I will:

  • have an initial discussion about what you want to achieve, preferably having had a look at a sample or example of the work
  • only take on work I have the capacity and expertise to do in a reasonable time
  • advise you on what needs to be done
  • provide you with a quote per word, per hour or for the entire job, whichever is preferable
  • complete the job by the agreed date
  • flag up any problems promptly so that we can renegotiate the scope of the project or the fee
  • discuss your budget with you at the start of the project and agree what can be achieved within that budget
  • keep in touch with you throughout the project, to discuss any potential problems and suggest possible solutions.


If you need words for something, I can help. I can take your outline ideas and produce compelling copy for anything from a press release to an in-depth report. My copywriting services include writing magazine articles and copy for websites. I can research the necessary material if required, or take information supplied and turn it into something concise and clear for the intended audience.


Makes sure your words can be read and understood by the intended audience. In some cases, all that’s needed is a light edit where I add or remove a word here or there, improve punctuation to clarify meaning, and give the text a general polish. But in other cases, the copy may need to be heavily edited or completely rewritten.

The editing service I offer might involve working on your document on screen or on a hard copy, and it could be any type of document, from some web copy to a brochure, magazine, book or report. I would be checking for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as factual errors. I can impose consistency in spelling and capitalisation, and your house style (if you have one – if you don’t I can help you develop one).


Removes glaring errors and inconsistencies – think of it as your ‘quality control’ step. This is usually the last stage in the production process. I give the text a final read-through to check for any remaining spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies (e.g. bold text when it should be italics), and to spot problems with the page layout.

Many people confusing proofreading with copy editing – but there is a difference. If I’m proofing some text, I will simply be checking for consistency and accuracy in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation, spacing, headings, page numbering and layout. I wouldn’t make significant changes to the text, but would of course point out any major issues or problems. My aim is to make sure your work is of the highest possible standard and my attention to detail will make sure that it is.