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Clients include book and magazine publishers, charities, public and private sector organisations, businesses and government departments.

  • Bloomsbury
  • CABI
  • Campaign to Protect Rural England
  • East Midlands Development Agency
  • Forestry Commission
  • Green Books
  • International Labour Organisation
  • Linneys
  • London Sustainability Exchange
  • National Trust
  • Royal Institute for Public Health
  • Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Scriptoria
  • Society for Editors and Proofreaders

What my clients say

“Thanks for being so thorough, it’s really appreciated. Thanks again for your careful work.”

“Thank you for your queries and your thoroughness in generating them. I am always impressed at what copy editors and proofreaders find.”

“I have been very pleased to work with Sara on the copy editing. She seems to be very thorough and professional. Dealing with her queries was a painless experience!”

“Thanks for your not insignificant help with this project, which turned out to be one of those nightmare jobs that you wouldn’t want to inflict on anyone rather than the breeze it was supposed to be. Thank you for your incredible patience.”

“I was very happy with your work and the flexibility you showed in working on a bank holiday to get the work done in time to meet our schedule.”

“Sara is a reliable editor with a good eye for detail and who is very easy to work with. One of the best aspects of working with Sara is that she knows when to take the initiative and when it’s worth coming back for clarification. On a number of occasions she has managed to turn around important projects in the tightest of timeframes and her flexibility is one of the reasons I value her support.”

“Sara’s copy editing skills are second to none – I was so impressed with her ability to spot even the tiniest inconsistency.”

“Sara has been a real pleasure to work with at the National Trust. Reliable and thorough she was an excellent addition to our team. Sara’s work is top notch and her contribution to the massive workload of our team has been positive and constructive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sara for a role that involves working remotely as part of a team where accuracy, speed and excellent communication skills are essential characteristics.”

“Without fail, Sara applied her great eye for detail to projects I worked with her on. Sara always went the extra mile to help turn around rushed jobs and I knew I could depend on her to get things right the first time.”

“Whilst Sara worked for the National Trust, her passion for the organisation, her attention to detail and conscientious approach led to her making a positive contribution.”